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      What matters here is not certainties, standard patterns,

habits. Start from scratch and dance. First, listen. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It's a countdown, the promise of starting again, it's a movie of which we would be the heroes. Above all it's a mantra song, an electronic melody that tears apart clouds of reality and rips up the space-time continuum. A hand reaching out for adventure, far from obviousness. Close to the heart still beating.

Yooth, singer-songwriter, is aptly named. She isn't that modern obsession ruthlessly hunting down wrinkles. No. She is the comeback, the before, the possibility to still believe. Childhood reactivated.

"12345" is about transience, about ever fleeting time, about the need to come back to basics. The spirit of the beginner so dear to Americans. It's indeed a matter of loops, magical spirals, it's a trip, a voyage, entertainment with a meaning. It's a spontaneous song, joyous, luminous. 

In the music video, we meet Yoothie, a creature from outer space. Perhaps. Yoothie may also be the incarnation of a child's wish. It's a friend who chose us, it's the foreigner who erases borders, it's an old man, a kid, a man, a woman, it's an open door to the Arizona desert (where the video was shot) and to all the deserts that have always given to mankind the chance to reunite, it's almost a new language, that of the body, forgotten. Yoothie is in the imagination of the one who listens, who sees. He projects and we project. It's a harmless monster, a fluffy creature, who does not speak but does dance. Yooth encounters it. They leave together, dance some more, fall in love, who knows ? They are and that's all that matters. Living the moment is refusing to surrender. It's eternity knocking on the door.

But Yooth is not only this decorum under influences, intensely poetic yet fragile. It's above all the voice of an urban siren that urges as much as it caresses. It's as if Kate Bush was the heroine of a Boris Vian novel. It's the subtle art of discrepancy, of mixing genres, it's a party, an escape, an unstoppable beat, clapping hands and an unforgettable chorus.

Yooth lives between France and the United States. She studied philosophy, among other things, at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. Like Lady Gaga. She is pretty like a promise well kept. She speaks as she sings, aerial and intimate, childish and aware.

The very first image of the music video of "12345" is a dead end sign. It's often how the best stories begin, when the impossible has to be overcome. Map out a road that does not yet exist. And then start all over again. Yooth

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