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District 6 is an independent music publishing group comprising District 6 Music Publishing in London (est. 2007) and District 6 France Publishing in Paris (est. 2012).

​We represent a worldwide catalogue of more than 80 000 copyrights and provide a first class publishing and neighbouring rights administration service in the UK, France, Germany, the US and more than 40 other countries for artists, composers, labels and catalogues from all over the world.


Our clients, from a very diverse range of genres include artists Ofenbach, Kas:st, Feder, Mathame, The Hacker, Joachim Pastor,  Simo Cell, Anetha, Airod, Roy Harper, Murcof, LPEE, Elyon, Geezer Butler (founding member of Black Sabbath), Marina Trench, Dwele, John Foxx, Gael Rakotondrabe, Black Milk, Mind Against, Traumer, Agents Of Time, Fedele, Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys, Con Brio, Glowal, Amarcord, Cotonete, Jen Jis, Hi Levelz, Constance Verluca - to name a few.


Our catalogues include pioneering world music label and publisher such as Sterns Music, Asongs, Shape Editions (Cercle records), Catskills Records, Underscope, Ultra Music, Teepee Records & Cargo Records (Germany) - amongst many others.


Cercle Music (Shape Editions)

Music live broadcaster, Record Label, Music Publishing. D6 administers Cercle music's catalogue.

Ultra Music

Record label, Music publishing company. D6 represents Ultra Music catalogue for sync in France.


Media, Record Label, Publishing. D6 administers Underscope publishing catalogue worldwide.

Cooking Vinyl

Record label, Music Publishing. D6 represents CV catalogue for sync in France.


French trade union chamber for music publishing


The UK royalties collection society


French royalties collection society

Concrete Music

Parisian techno record label

Sterns Music

Record Label & Publisher specialized in world music (Africa & South America)

Duchamp, Inc

US sub-publisher.

A Buzz Supreme

Sub-publisher : Italy

Median Music

Sub-publisher : Turkey

Broma 16

Sub-publisher : Russia


Sub-publishing: Australia

Gulliver Music Publishing

Sub-publisher : Israel

Edition Bjorlund

Sub-publisher Scandinavia

FujiPacific Music

Sub-publisher : Asia

Sheer Publishing Africa

Sub-publisher : Africa

BMG Brazil

Sub-publisher : Brazil

NIKA Records

Sub-publisher : Slovenia

CLIPPERS'S Publishing

Sub-publisher : Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia

Media APR

Neigborings Rights Services. UK, US, BRAZIL, GERMANY.

Asongs Publishing

Sub-publishing for France


EIFEL Paris Sync Media

Future World Publishing

Sub-publisher : Germany

rebel publishing

Sub-publisher : Poland

Kemper Music Group

Sub-publisher : Roumania

Casablanca Media Publishing

Sub-publisher : Canada

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