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Andy Palacio

via StoneTree Records (administrate By District 6 Publishing), Cumbancha

A stunning album featuring a multigenerational, all-star lineup of musicians from the African-Amerindian Garifuna communities of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Filled with enchanting rhythms, powerful melodies and a deep soulfulness that recalls Cape Verdean or Afro-Peruvian music, Wátina has been praised by media worldwide as one of the best world music albums in recent memory, Wátina is the masterwork of the late Andy Palacio, whose sudden death in January 2008 shocked his homeland of Belize and the international music community.

Armless Kid

Rekids, Copie Blanche, etc. (Publishing worldwide)

Xavier aka Armless Kid is right at home on Classic with his inventive ‘anything goes’ approach to producing and "Jado Jador" EP received a lot of support from international Djs such as Karizma, DJ Harvey, The Black Madonna, Voyeur or Fred Everything who said that “The EP sounds like a gem you find at a second hand record store that you have no idea when or where it was done.


Warner Music (Publisher worldwide)

Axero is an exciting young producer who hails from Toulouse, France. At just 22 years of age his music has amassed in excess of 50 million views on online musical platforms. With an impressive and successful career that alreads spans four years, expect to hear more from this inspired and talented young DJ.


Concrete Music 4 AM, Children of Tomorrow, Token, etc. (Publishing worldwide)

Antigone is a young Parisian artist at the fore-­‐front of the French techno scene. His entry into the world of electronic music has been highly acclaimed. With his initial EP Forbidden Works published by Construct Re-­‐form. Antigone followed his debut with the Menace of Species release on Concrete Music, an offering warmly welcomed by the techno scene. Up next, Antigone successfully collabo..

Baby Blue

District 6 Music, 3 Beat Records (Publishing worldwide)

Baby Blue is an English rapper and singer from LondonEngland. She is known for her work with singer Estelle and collaborations with John LegendMadnessSwayShystieMs. Dynamite and Lady Sovereign. Baby Blue has a sound that fuses hip hop with grimeR&B and soul.

Damon Jee

Correspondant, Roam, Critical Monday (Publishing wolrdwide)

Damon Jee started his career in the early 90′s when he discovered electronic music and turned into Djing. He has performed in many clubs and festivals worldwide.
He has produced records on Labels such as Correspondant, Roam, Critical Monday..

Delia Gonzalez

DFA Records (Publishing worldwide)

Delia Gonzalez appreciates art in its essential form, freely flowing across the disciplinary borders of sculpture, ballet, visual art, spiritual theories and music so as to relate her personal experiences and artistic message. Her albums paint an atmosphere; each song a brush stroke upon the canvas of it’s album.


Roadrunner, Nuclear Blast (Publishing worldwide)

"Death was an American metal band from Orlando, Florida, founded in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner. Death is considered to be one of the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force indeath metal..."

Diana Yukawa

Sony Music Entertainment, BMG Entertainment (Publishing worldwide)

Diana Yukawa is a Japanese-born British solo violinist and composer. She has released four solo albums and one digital EP. She has performed solo at The Royal Albert HallHollywood BowlWilderness FestivalLatitude Festival, St James Piccadilly - amongst others. In 2015 Yukawa began collaborating with District 6 electronic artists John Foxx and Benge in a musical group named Ghost Harmonic.


Deeply Rooted, F COM, Parlophone, Rekids, Tresor, etc. (Publishing worldwide)

“I see my job as being a big filter,” says DJ Deep, rather underplaying the key role the Frenchman has had in the development of house music over the last 20 years. “As a vinyl junkie, I am in the record stores chasing jams almost every day. Sharing what I think are the greatest records of the moment or the most timeless personal classics is something that has motivated me throughout the years.”


My-ish Music, Zephron (Publishing worldwide)

Donae’o aka Ian Greenidge was always destined to make a career out of music after growing up in a house where melodies were a major force. His mother was a singer and as a youngster growing up in north west London it was common place for her to be heard belting out tunes in the house. A young Donae’o was also a regular companion when she was out performing and loved soaking up the atmosphere. In fact you could say this is where he felt most at home.


Kanye West (Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam), Dwele (Virgin), Common (Def Jam) ... (Publishing worldwide)

"...Slum Village invited Dwele to sing the hook of the song "Tainted" for their album Trinity (Past, Present and Future). It became an instant classic and led to more high profile work with female rapper Bahamadia, the all-star group Lucy Pearl and London's New Sector Movement. Dwele signed to Virgin Records in 2003..."


Nuclear Blast, Capitol (Publishing worldwide)

"Since its formation, Exodus has released ten studio albums, two live albums and two compilations and have sold over 5 million albums worldwide as of 2013..."


Atlantic, Warner, Time (Publishing worldwide)

"...The track ranked pretty quickly at the top of the Shazam charts. It kicked off first in Russia, then spread to Eastern Europe, and finally arrived back in France and Western Europe..."

Gaël Rakotondrabe

City Slang, Rough Trade (Publishing worldwide)

"Gael Rakotondrabe won the Bosendorfer World Solo Piano Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2008

Since 2006 he’s a member of the band CocoRosie, as well as the arranger and co-composer on their albums Grey Oceans (2010) and Tales of a GrassWidow (2013)..."


Anglo Management (Publishing France)

20 year old Georgia Lowe aka Glowe is a singer, songwriter and actor from London.

Hot Since 82

Get Physical, Moda, Circus, Suara, Knee Deep, etc.. (Publishing France)

Daley Padley, also known as Hot Since 82 is a British DJ, house music producer and DJ Awards winner currently based in Leeds, UK.[2] He has been releasing music under the Hot Since 82 moniker since 2012.

Hugh Masekela

Mercury, MGM, Uni, Chisa, Blue Thumb, Casablanca Records, Heads Up, Verve, PolyGram (Publishing worldwide)

Hugh was a South African trumpeter, flugelhornistcornetist, composer and singer. He has been described as "the father of South African jazz.

Jen Jis

Polydor, Universal Music, Spinnin (Publishing worldwide)

Jen Jis is a French producer and songwriter. Based in Paris, he began his professional career writing and composing tracks for European artists. In the meantime, he was also touring the world (China, Europe, US, Canada) with several other projects. His first single, "Women," a deep house pop song composed with the singer Lawrence Lea, earned him a contract deal in 2015 with Ultra Records even before the track was released on line. Jen Jis is now signed with Universal Music / Polydor. 

John Foxx

Ultravox, John Foxx (Virgin), Tiger Lily (Publishing worldwide)

"...After several name-changes, including Fire of London, The Zips and The Damned, the band became Ultravox!, in July 1976. The group's style fused punk, glam, electronic, reggae and new wave music. At the same time, Leigh adopted his stage name of John Foxx..."

Jimmy Stewart Bain (member of Dio's band)

Atlantic, Decca, etc. (Publishing worldwide)

James Bain was a Scottish musician, best known for playing bass guitar in the bands Rainbow and Dio. He also worked with Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, co-writing on his solo albums.


Flyance Records, Afterlife (Publishing worldwide)

Following the vision of an artistic universe which fluctuates between hypnotic rhythms, dark and mind-blowing emotions, constantly looking to reach the “mental & Melodic” aspect into Techno Music.

Kas:st likes to play across the genres of techno, trance, ambient, jungle and even neo-classical, the duo seem to have no limits and they endow themselves with a remarkable and complex sound palette


(Publishing worldwide)

Keyzer is a French rapper based in Bobigny (93) France, delivering productions from boom bap to street rap, through cloud sounds - he’s proving himself by linking his universe to the multiple sounds of rap.

Kush Mcanuf "Black Kush"

Member of Inna de Yard band - Wagram Music (Publishing worldwide)

Winston's son and founder of the Uprising Roots Band is part of the new generation of musicians in Jamaica. A member of Inna de Yard since the first albums released on Makasound, he is in charge of the Nyabinghi rhythm section of the band as well as the backing vocals. His title "Black to I Roots" is the ultimate hymn to the roots of his culture, to black pride, and to the authenticity of this music.

Luca Musto


Luca Musto is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music/’slow-house’ oozes of grooving beats and hypnotizing melodies. With his Italian roots reflecting rhythms through cracks in a musical mirror, these cozy, grounded atmospheres will set you up to lay back, relax, and dance: this paradox perhaps best encapsulates the complexity of Musto’s grooves.

Mind Against

Afterlife, Life & Death (Publishing worldwide)

Mind Against is a Italian native but Berlin-based electronic music duo consisting of Alessandro Fognini and Federico Fognini.  A musical partnership that draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno.

They carved a path for themselves with a series of three EP's on Life and Death. Their debut 'Atlant', the follow up 'Avalon' and the latter 'Strange Days' were let loose to critical acclaim. 


The Leaf Label, Infiné (Publishing worldwide excluding France)

"Murcof is the artist name of Mexican electronic musician and composer Fernando Corona. Corona was born in 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico. For a time he was a member of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective (as Terrestre). Corona has released five albums on The Leaf Label, considered classics in their field..."

Nathan Bowles

Paradise of Bachelors (Publishing worldwide)

Nathan Bowles is a multi instrumentalist musican living in Durham, North Carolina. His work, both as an accomplished solo artist and as a sought after ensemble player explores the rugged country between the poles of Appalachian old-time traditions and ecstatic minimalist drones. Although recent recordings prominently feature his virtuosic banjo, Bowles is also recognised as a versatile drummer and he considers himself first and foremost a percussionist.


(Publishing worldwide)

Nargaroth is a German black metal band led by René "Ash" Wagner, formerly known as “Kanwulf”


Roadrunner (Publishing worldwide)

"The band comprises vocalist John Tardy, drummer Donald Tardy, guitarist Trevor Peres and bassist Terry Butler. The band is a fundamental act in the development of death metal music and one of the most successful death metal bands in the world..."

Ricardo Tobar

Cocoon, Correspondant, Traum Schalplatten, Musar (Publishing worldwide)

Ricardo is a musician working with labels like ESP Institute and Correspondant, blending emotional melodies with dance rhythms. His first steps were done on Border Community and Traum Schallplatten.

Ugly Duckling

Fat Beats Records, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, XL Recordings, Antidote, Emperor Norton Records

Formed in Long Beach, California around 1993, Andy Cooper, Dizzy Dustin and Young Einstein have been putting out classic hip-hop records and touring the world for the last 11 years.
They've earned worldwide acclaim and respect within Hip-Hop culture while consistently selling records and even grabbing an occasional international chart position.


House of Mythology

Ulver (Norwegian for “wolves”) are a Norwegian experimental musical collective founded in 1993, by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg. Their early works, such as Bergtatt, were categorised as folklore-influenced black metal but have since evolved a fluid and increasingly eclectic musical style


District 6 Music (Publishing worldwide)

Velours is a French singer songwriter based in Paris. Previously member of Philippe Katerine band as bassist player, Velours is now delivering the very best of French pop with catchy melodies and funny and meaningful lyrics.

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Marina Trench

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French producer and DJ Marina Trench continues to make her mark as one of contemporary house’s most promising acts in 2020 with new material and appearances at festivals and clubs across the globe pencilled.


Sterns Music (Publishing worldwide)

Africando represents a cross-cultural collaboration between top-ranked, New York-based, Latin musicians and African vocalists. While lyrics are sung in Yoruba, Wolof, Mandigo and French, the group's sizzling-hot dance rhythms blend classic mambo, Cuban son and mandigo traditions. Africando was initially drawn together by producers Ibrahima Sylba and Boncana Maiga.

Agents of Time

Obscura, Correspondant, Ellum, Afterlife (Publishing worldwide)

Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo are the Agents Of Time. Formed in July 2013, the ambitious Italian outfit quickly released their inaugural full length album “Spread The Word” on British label Stem Records (May 2014). Soon after, they strike again with the highly acclaimed EP "Polina", delivered on Jennifer Cardini's imprint Correspondant, receiving massive support from the likes of Tale of Us, Dixon, Tiga, Agoria, John Digweed, Stephan Bodzin and Miss Kittin ..."

Black Milk

Computer Ugly (Publishing worldwide)

With more than a decade of industry experience and a rich catalog of recordings, Black Milk has transitioned from one of hip-hop's young rising stars to a veteran with a uniquely well-rounded pedigree.

Bringing his numerous recordings to life with live band Nat Turner, Black Milk has also been recognized as a genuine and poised performer, one of hip-hop and music's most acclaimed live acts.


Hrcls Records (Publishing worldwide)

With influences as wide and varied as Sinead O' Connor, Lauryn Hill and 070 Shake, Bergmann can't be easily described within a particular genre nor put into a neat little box. Her music flirts effortlessly between pop, futuristic R'N'B and exotic rhythms, as she demonstrates on her debut single "Pay Attention", A hypnotic track where pop and tropical influences merge with sensuality and sexiness. She is currently working on her first LP.


Concrete Music, Karat Records, Telegraph Records, Logistic Records, Minibar, (Publishing worldwide)

Jean-Guillaume Cabanne is a precursor of the French minimal techno scene. Aged of 30 years old, this confirmed jazzman has already collaborated with a large range of labels and artists. After 5 years spent as a guitar player within the funk band Flag and few experiences among the electronic scene, his meeting with John Thomas will confirm his will to go further in this way and will initiate a long and fructuous collaboration between the two musicians.

Con Brio

V2 Music (Publishing Europe, CSI and Israël)

"Formed in 2013, Con Brio is the offspring of seven musicians with diverse backgrounds but a shared love for the vibrant Bay Area funk and psychedelic-soul sound pioneered by groups like Sly & the Family Stone..."

Cristobal & The Sea

City Slang (Publishing worldwide)

"Cristobal and the Sea almost all came from across the sea to the UK – Ale came from Spain, Joao came from Portugal and Leila came from France - apart from one of them who only came across land because he was already in the UK, and that is Josh..."

Constance Verluca

Warner, District 6 music, Varenne Varenne (Publishing worldwide)

Constance Verluca is a french songwriter and singer residing in Paris. Her debut album, Adieu Pony, released in 2007, co-written by Julien Hirsinger, recorded in Paris & Los Angeles and produced by Noah Georgeson (guitarist and producer of Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom) had critical acclaim.  At the end of 2007 she started a tour through France with notably gigs as the openning of Miossec's concert at Les Vieilles Charrues festival in 2007.  She also co-wrote with Hirsinger the movie score  "Un jeu d'enfants" directed by Laurent Tuel in 2001.

Constance Verluca is now working on a new solo album set to be released in the early 2019.


Heavenly Sweetness (Publishing worldwide)

After finding their way back through festivals thanks to the 2014 Jazzystan Music Festival, they incorporate their own compositions into their repertoire, and start a series of concerts including the Jazzmix in Vienne (2015), the New Morning and Duc des Lombards in 2016. They record brazilian singer Simone Mazzer’s second album (CAJA/Prado Records), and are now finalizing their first album (Heartbeat Vinyl/Heavenly Sweetness) that includes three tunes released as maxis 33T with remixed version by the likes of Phil Asher or Hugo LX. More recently, Dimitri from Paris discovers their sound and leads them in studio for a super disco 2 tracks release that already broke into worldwide charts and sets the band as THE french jazz funk reference.


Stern Records (Publishing worldwide)

"...His second album, “Nó na Orelha”, issued in Brazil in 2011 and internationally in 2012, saw his popularity grow beyond São Paulo and Brazil to other countries, leading to live shows in London, New York and Paris..."

Cyril Giroux

Self-taught Parisian composer Cyril Giroux trained in the theatre for years and the theatrical, cinematic, stage, and musical, is at the heart of all of his work. He would eventually form a string quartet named Illico to expand upon his musical vocabulary and showcase it to the world. Not only did he compose and arrange most of the band’s songs, as well as perform as a member, he also produced arrangements and orchestrations for the Pasdeloup Symphony Orchestra and the English Session Orchestra. These showcased his skills at arranging for strings, voice, and piano. His compositions are playfully orchestral and timeless, looking back on the past with a gently earnest sentimentality, eliciting smiles with a French and Italian flourish.

Darlyn Vlys

Correspondant, Critical Monday, Roam, Sincopat, Get Physcial (Publishing worldwide)

Inspired by a variety of artistic influences, the music of Darlyn Vlys offers distinctive atmospheres that go beyond sound. Managing to capture both nostalgic and futuristic essences within his tracks, his experimental and stylistic approach creates electronic music that grabs your attention through sharp elements and cinematic moods. Darlyn’s visceral voice has been in demand around the industry, with releases on labels like Get Physical, Upon You, Suara, and My Favorite Robot, with plays by a range of wide reaching DJs including John Digweed, Maceo Plex, Sasha, Loco Dice, Dubfire, and Monika Kruse.

DJ Fudge

United Music Records, Tejal Records, KIF (Publishing worldwide)

DJ Fudge es a french Dj, Producer, Remixer and Musician, based in Barcelona. He’s considered like one of the most prolific house music artist of his generation. In 1994 with Bruno Banner is create the band « Savannah » they released their first 12 inch ‘Rumeurs’. Played by Laurent Garnier, this first opus was a huge success. In 1995 the adventure continued when they signed with Universal Records, giving them access to production equipment.

Fatboy Slim

Southern Fried Records, Skint, Thrive, etc.. (Publishing France)

This musical chameleon grew up in Surrey and began to DJ when he moved to Brighton to study for a degree. After playing bass guitar with the Housemartins, he had his first success as a solo artist with a remix of Erik B And Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul..

Gazelle Twin

SugarCane, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray (Publishing worldwide)

Gazelle Twin is the project of electronic producer, composer, and artist Elizabeth Bernholz. 
Based in Brighton, England, she is part of the Anti Ghost Moon Ray arts collective, which also operates as a label and blog.


Electro-Swing, Swinging Pop (Publishing worldwide)

"She comes from New York, he leaves in Paris - her name is Nicolle, his name is Antoine and fighting against all the odds of their geographic destiny, they have found each other.

It was 2010, after four years of touring Europe that Nicolle stumbled upon Antoine's productions on the internet. Instantly upon hearing Antoine's songs, she recognized herself within the sound and fell in love with his musical style. That very same evening they met by pure chance in a Parisian jazz club, and GINKGOA was born..."

Hi Levelz

(Publishing worldwide)

Coming from a Franco-Anglophone family, the young artist is influenced by West Coast Jazz and Rap, mainly the G funk leg developed by artists such as Dr.Dre, Nate Dogg, Warren-g, Snoop Dogg, anderson paak, kendrick lamarar .

In The Woods

Prophecy Productions (Publishing worldwide)

In the Woods... is a Norwegian avant-garde metal band from Kristiansand, formed in 1992. The band released a total of four studio albums, three singles, one compilation album and one live album throughout its initial existence

Kerala Dust

Muzo Creative (Publishing worldwide)

Seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting, drawing on influences as far and wide as Tom Waits, Talking Heads and Abdulla Rashim. Currently based in South London, the strange and excessive confusion of the city is reflected back in the anonymity of Kerala Dust’s basement studio. Whether as a solo artist in production or as a live trio in performance : the members within the inclusive isolation of this project would like you to dance while also wondering if there’s really a point to anything. The realisation that there is no point will merely be liberating.

Magi Hikri

Electro-Arab singer and musician MAGI HIKRI makes “World Music” in the sense that you can imagine her genre-defying electronically infused cocktail of Middle-Eastern grooves and Beat.

The show deals with the empowerment of women that comes out from minority communities and includes original music with great Arab singers materials.
The music is full of psychedelic and dark synthesis that creates an overwhelming electric atmosphere.

Acting and singing from a young age, it was MAGI’s initial flirtation with traditional Arabic music which won over British producer Juno Reactor, renowned for his fusion of electronic and global influences. Their collaboration found its’ way to his latest album and supporting tour, which sparked MAGI’s renewed interest in the soundtrack of her youth.


Afterlife (Publishing worldwide)

Mathame is the audio project born from the brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli. They grew on their parents “Radio Taxi” remnants , a rock - based radio active in northern Italy along the 80’s. In 2013, while living in a forest at the slopes of the most active volcano in Europe, the mount Etna, they started to work together and develop their unique sound imaginary.


Crosstown Rebels, Katermukke, White (Publishing worldwide)

A nomad of modern times, who has travelled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles as he is welltravelled. Taking influences from his various homes, the producer and trained sound engineer branched out into various genres. Through this years-long musical journey Nu then found his true calling: instrumentals amalgamated with his electronic production all held together through solid rhythms.

Pepe Deluxé

(Publishing worldwide excluding France)

Pepe Deluxé is a Finnish electronic music oriented band, formed in 1996 by DJ Slow (Vellu Maurola) JA-Jazz (Tomi Castrén, formerly Paajanen) and James Spectrum (Jari Salo) in Helsinki, Finland.

The Layabouts

Limestone Recordings (Publishing worldwide)

Leigh Darlow & Alex Paschali. Two friends and music lovers producing deep and soulful house music. Lots to come for 2014


Gettraum, Figure, Skryptom, Infuse, Get Physical, All Inn Records, etc. (Publishing worldwide)

Straight from the Paris underground comes Traumer, an artist who has an innate ability to weave subtle narratives and deeply nuanced rhythms into his mesmerising music. The mastermind behind Gettraum, a platform where he releases his experimentations with house on a minimal tip, Traumer delivers hypnotic performances and music that has the support of his peers and idols. Now beginning a new phase of his musical career, and starting a second label, plus a residency at Rex Club and several other key projects, Traumer’s story is about to enter an exciting chapter…


(Publishing worldwide)

ZAMILSKA’S heavy, rhythmic sounds are filled with lots of bass. Though associated with techno, her music reaches way beyond the definition of the genre and it is not easy to pigeonhole. It oscillates between electronica, world music and noise. She takes inspirations from various sources: raw sounds taken from native Silesia, precisely interlaced with tribal chants and oriental elements. Holding sturdiness of an industrial grinder, pensive yet melodic, trance-like.


Concrete Music, Hold Youth, 4lux Black, Quintessentials, Phonogramme (Publishing worldwide)

S3A (Sampling As An Art) aims is to produce music sifted from multiple influences. Based on the idea that electronic music is a blend of different cultures and music, this house project  started 15 years ago when Max began jamming on analog machines and samplers with different projects from techno (FriendShip Connection) to house (S3A).

Roman Poncet

Figure, Deeply Rooted, Tresor, Arts (Publishing Wolrdwide)

An one-man army of sorts, Roman Poncet’s tenacity and unstoppable creativity sets him apart from most of his peers. Still young and hungry, he is a musical powerhouse who is as humble as he is productive.

Roy Harper

Bella Union (Publishing worldwide)

"Few survivors from the golden age of British folk-rock have kept their reputations intact. Of the generation of troubadours who came of age in the folk clubs of London in the mid-1960s, some have passed away, others have surrendered to the regurgitation of the blandest form of acoustic folk music..."


Def Jam Records, Universal Music (Publishing worldwide)

Yooth, singer-songwriter, is aptly named. She isn't that modern obsession ruthlessly hunting down wrinkles. No. She is the comeback, the before, the possibility to still believe. Childhood reactivated.

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