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* Diligent copyright administration
* Fast, efficient and transparent royalty collection & accounting
* Excellent worldwide representation

* Dedicated Sync representation

* Professional A&R and song plugging

* Worldwide Marketing and Promotion

We continually strive to set the highest standard in contemporary music publishing and administration and offer a complete and efficient range of publishing, sub-publishing and international administration agreements, yet retain all of the advantages of a totally independent publisher.

We aim to build transparent and trusting partnerships with our composers and to give them a bespoke and personal service.



All our copyrights are properly represented overseas by the best independent music publishers in each territory. Maintaining constant and strong communication with our colleagues around the world on both a creative and an administrative basis is how we maintain a premium service for each and every composer, catalogue and copyright on our roster.


Find a complete list of our Sub-Publishers worldwide by checking out our International Contact section.

​Royalty Collection​

We attach great importance to the efficient collection of royalties for our songwriters and publishers. This is the single most important and basic function of any publisher. At District 6, our job is to know where, when and by whom, song titles have been released and performed. Our system allows us to proactively claim all revenue accrued, uncollected and / or underpaid, and to account all royalties in a quick, efficient and transparent manner.




An increasingly important and valued revenue source to the music industry as a whole is the world of sync. We at District 6 attach great importance to sync, have a dedicated team working in both London and Paris and travel regularly to LA to maximise licences of our catalogue. We very pro-actively pitch our music to all media worldwide - feature films, TV series, adverts and computer games. Head over to our sync page to see our latest placements.

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