Cristobal and the Sea almost all came from across the sea to the UK – Ale came from Spain, Joao came from Portugal and Leila came from France - apart from one of them who only came across land because he was already in the UK, and that is Josh. They make music that sounds like if three people came across the sea from Europe into the UK who then picked up another guy who was already from the UK, who, to clarify, had not come across any seas to get there; moving from a full-pack bossa duo in 2011 (Ale and Joao) to a tenuously bossa trio now with added flute and a wonderful female voice in 2012 (Ale, Joao and Leila) to a super-tenuous-to-still-label-it-bossa quartet with flute, a wonderful female voice, and a whole real person dedicated to rhythm in 2013 (Ale, Joao, Leila and Josh).

They are so named Cristobal and the Sea after a guy who went across the sea to try to find India but actually found America and their sound is a continued attempt to capture the feeling of exploration, discovery and wonder that came with the momentousness of such thing… Or, it’s just about the day-to-day - we’re not too sure!

Representation : Publishing Worldwide

Label : City Slang

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Clapham North Art Center               

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19 Rue Turgot

Bâtiment C                         

Paris, 75009




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